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Corporate Marketplace: 

Future Workforce Model

Written by: 
Gregorius Satrio
Business Analyst, Specialized in People Development

Workforce shift is here…

This is more than just a generational issue, but also mindset and attitude.
New trends of working outside the office (cafe or home), Result-oriented mindset, and Freelancing are gaining significance & popularity.

What drive the trend shift?


Rise of AI

(Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence has redefined our way of lives, especially in the management world, AI could help managers in finding the right people for a certain job based on their displayed info and data. Direct example is LinkedIn ProFinder and Samsung’s UpWork system.


‘Gig economy’

It is not a new thing that millennials changed a lot of modern workplace, in fact in 2014, due to their unique working characteristic, they invented what Economist say as ‘Gig Economy’. ‘A Gig Economy’ is a free market system in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.

Internet of things (IOT)

Internet has undoubtedly changed the way management do their practice since it unite all business aspect a single ecosystem.

In fact, the 2 factors aforementioned wouldn’t be possible without the internet and IOT.

Picture3 copy

This trend shifting has made the conventional workforce model in a company seems irrelevant.

And here’s what we think of the future will be…..


Corporate marketplace model

Digital-based, AI supported, Workforce model that enables companies to manage its human resources in a highly flexible manner – constantly adjusting to current needs.

Corporate Marketplace

Non-bureaucratic, team oriented

Flexible worktime / shift

Task-based Position / job

Freelance, part-time worker

Legacy model (conventional)

Hierarchical bureaucracy


Role-based position / job

Permanent, full-time worker


credit : Accenture



In conclusion…

Corporate marketplace model attempt to combine internal & external workforce in a task-based team utilizing AI-aided scheduling.

Essentially creating its own workforce market within a company, thus creating a lean-and-mean organization through on-demand workforce system. 

Screen Capture #192

Why should we change??

Why corporate marketplace??

1. appeal to all generation


Enables baby boomers to not fully-retired


Allowing Gen-Exers to have more time with family


More freedom & independence for millennials

2. Rising trends & significance

Around 35 million workers in Indonesia are freelancers/part-time worker (Kompas;2017)


Increased number of freelance worker by 26% in 2017 (Kompas;2017)

3. Cost efficient

Picture11 copy

Samsung reported a Decrease of 64% in recruitment costs and 44% in administration process time since adoption of their UpWork platform. (2016)

Say goodbye to:

Idle workers

Excess employee overhead

Employee benefits

Administrative complexity

4. Skilled labor warranty


Due to the nature of free-market in the corporate marketplace model, companies will be able to select the best people to work for their teams in the talent pool.

Are you ready for the future??


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